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Part of the Wells Performance Materials Group

Wells is the owner, manufacturer and registered trademark holder of BACTIglas™, a wide range of antimicrobial products and solutions for the polymer and allied industries.

What is BACTIglas™

BACTIglas™ has been developed by Wells to provide a wide range of bespoke antimicrobial solutions meeting the demands and requirements for new and innovative products and applications.

BACTIglas™ is food safe and can be added at the manufacturing stage of articles made from polymers or polymeric materials to enhance and add value to your product.

Supplied in number of different formats including masterbatches, compounds and powders, used in the medical, mass transport and consumer goods markets.

BACTIglas™ has been demonstrated to be highly stable and have minimal impact on the physical properties and aesthetics of finished products, making it ideal for a range of applications, from thin films, injection moulded articles, fibres, through to surface treatments such as paint and powder coatings

What we do

Wells offers antimicrobial product selection, development, pilot trials, material selection through to full scale production.


Our end customers use our antimicrobial BACTIglas™ within the mass transport, medical and food sectors to name a few.

Part of Wells Performance Materials

Wells is the largest independent specialist additive masterbatch and compound manufacturer within the UK, with a capacity in excess of 12,000t/annum of technical solutions for the polymer industry. It is also the developer, manufacturer and owner of the Reverte™ Brands.

How it Works

When incorporated into a product BACTIglas™ becomes an integral part of the material it is none migratory and is ‘fixed’, so BACTIglas™ will continue to work for the life time of the product.

BACTIglas™ contains positively charged particles which are attracted to the negatively charged bacteria, once in contact with the cell these kill the bacteria.

BACTIglas™ does this in several ways


By damaging the membrane of the bacteria, its integrity is compromised, allowing essential nutrients to leak out and cause structural failure of the cell.

Binding and disrupting the proteins contained within the cell, which are essential for function and growth.

Causes an increase of reactive oxygen within the bacteria leading to significant damage to the cell.

Disrupting the genetic materials within the bacterial cell, stopping reproduction and growth.

It is important to note that this is not a replacement for good hygiene practices and treated surfaces still need to be maintained and cleaned periodically. BACTIglas™ antimicrobial additives work at their best under these conditions, providing reliable food safe protection.
Over many years of research and development Wells has created a deep knowledge base and understanding of these materials, not only on how they perform in different polymer substrates but how that translates to practical applications and solutions for its customers.

Why work with us.

Wells Performance Materials has, since 1984, developed a wealth of knowledge and expertise in polymers, polymer processing, additives and applications, winning its first award in the field of antimicrobials in 2000

BACTIglas™ has been demonstrated to have excellent antimicrobial activity against a wide range of bacteria in hundreds of different applications, from healthcare settings through to fast moving consumer goods.

An extensive library of materials and test results gathered over many years by a highly qualified team means that a product can be quickly sourced and recommended to a potential client.

Our skilled technicians can formulate a proven antimicrobial solution that meets both EU and global regulatory compliance.

Wells is able to provide an unrivalled level of support to any project through its Innovation Centre (IC).

Contained within the IC is a fully equipped material science laboratory containing extensive analytical capabilities in addition to a pilot compounding plant with an extrusion line, film tower and injection moulding facilities.

Supplying more than just antimicrobial additives means that Wells really understands polymers, additives and polymer processes and applications.

With a global brand and distribution presence Wells are able to deliver projects and products around the world.

Wells’ bespoke compounding service in conjunction with the BACTIglas™ range of materials ensures that the customer will benefit from a fully flexible formulating and manufacturing service with products tailored to their exacting application.

Find Out About BACTIglas™ in your application.

If you think that your product would benefit from the incorporation of an antimicrobial property please get in touch

Wells Performance Materials

Largest independent specialist additive masterbatch and compound manufacturer in the UK


Biodegradable Additive Masterbatches for polymer films


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